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How To Make Your WordPress Admin Columns Sortable

| Tutorial, WordPress | 5 Comments

Custom WordPress admin columns can be pretty helpful for quickly viewing, and managing, your content from the main edit screen. So why not take the action up a notch by making your columns sortable?

How To Change Your WordPress Category, Tag, or Post Format Permalink Structure

| Tutorial | 3 Comments

There are five default WordPress taxonomies: category, post_tag, post_format, nav_menu, and link_category – but nav_menu and link_category are off in a world of their own so let’s pretend they don’t…

How to Setup a Localhost WordPress (Sub-domain Multisite) Environment

| Tutorial, WordPress | 21 Comments

Heads up that I work on a Mac so, therefore, this tutorial is for Mac OS. However, I’m sure the majority of this process can easily be applied to Windows….

How to Hide the WordPress Admin Bar

| Tutorial, WordPress | No Comments

The WordPress admin bar, or toolbar, can be really helpful but sometimes it gets in my way, especially when I’m trying a new design and having difficulty imagining what it…