CPT-onomies Documentation is Up and Running

By February 7, 2012CPT-onomies, WordPress
Download CPT-onomiesCPT-onomies Documentation

CPT-onomies is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create, and use, taxonomies powered by your custom post types, using the post titles as the taxonomy terms. The best part about CPT-onomies is that they work just like regular taxonomies and therefore use the same functions!

Unfortunately, not every taxonomy function works right now but don’t worry, I’ve created CPT-onomy functions to help bridge the gap between WordPress and the plugin. The CPT-onomy functions even mirror the WordPress functions, using the same parameters and return values.

Use the CPT-onomies Documentation to see which WordPress taxonomy functions work and when you’ll need to use a CPT-onomy function. The documentation also includes function parameters, return values, examples, and other helpful information.

If you notice a mistake, or have a function request, feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

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