Things Are A (WordPress) Changing

By August 13, 2013WordPress

Hey gang. I decided to mix things up a bit over at and migrate all my WordPress-ery to a new home,!

My plans are to now turn into a personal blog so I can begin to improve my writing skills and share a little more about myself with the world. I also hope to up my WordPress game by publishing increasingly regular WordPress tutorials and new resources for CPT-onomies, including a demo site and screencasts.

As for existing content, I moved everything over, and set up redirects from, so you should be able to find everything. If not, please let me know!

Why WP Dreamer?

Because I like to think outside the box. My strengths truly lie in logic and problem solving so pushing default functionality is what I do best! I love to push the boundaries of WordPress and believe anything is possible with a little know-how and ingenuity!

So, if you’re used to visiting, or was redirected from,, then be sure to bookmark my new site!


About Rachel Carden

Rachel Carden is a High Ed Web Developer with a fondness for WordPress. She's also a puzzle fiend who gets way too excited about programming and problem solving. And you thought you were a nerd.