It hopefully doesn’t happen alot, but sometimes you have to edit the core code of a plugin or theme. It’s not ideal, and it sucks, but, whatever the reason, you had to do it. Now you’re worried you’re going to forget about your edit, update your plugin or theme (as you usually should), and lose your edits!

Well, instead of worrying, use the Lock Your Updates Plugins/Themes Manager to lock your plugins and themes from being updated and to store notes to help you remember what edits you made, all from the plugins or themes admin management page.

The Lock Your Updates Plugins/Themes Manager is multisite compatible.

You can download this plugin from the WordPress repo at


  • Provides simple lock/unlock management on the plugins and themes admin management page.
  • Provides method of storing notes so you can remember why you locked the plugin or theme.
  • You will still be notified that a plugin or theme needs to be updated, even if it is locked.
  • Lock Your Updates is multisite compatible.
  • If running WordPress multisite, Lock Your Updates provides an admin column that shows you where your plugins and themes are active.

If You’d Like To Contribute

If you’d like to contribute to this plugin, feel free to do so on the “Lock Your Updates” GitHub repo.


A big shoutout to Aaron Robb (@aaron_robb) who helped make this plugin grow.